This modern extension and refurbishment in Hackney was featured as Houzz magazine’s  ‘Room of the Week’. 

Our clients, a fashion designer and a design studio manager and their sons, wanted more space, more light and a better connection to their garden. They wanted a modern extension where clean lines and smooth white surfaces contrasted with the rough warm texture of exposed brick.  

“We’re really impressed by ERA’s no-nonsense approach, great enthusiasm, tight rein on budgets & professional handling of contractors – an absolute pleasure to work with.”


Our clients wanted their family room to feel as large, light and open as possible, so we hid all the structural elements, except for one feature round column (which they have now painted gold, unfortunately that was after we had the professional photos taken!). We swapped the bedrooms with the kitchen-dining spaces and extended the ground floor, so now the family spaces have a much stronger connection to the garden. We put in a large skylight over a breakfast bar. It has been great to see that each time we have visited, the breakfast bar (renamed the prosecco bar) has become our clients’ favourite hang-out space.

As in our Highbury House – Whistler project, in this modern extension in Hackney, the unavoidable ceiling level changes around the stair landings were taken as a prompt to create architectural interest and special lighting. Another project with minimal structure is our Islington House – Cerulean.