Grand Designs magazine describes how our client: 

“was initially surprised at the architects’ suggestion of installing a window seat” 

Good Homes magazine quotes our client saying that we: 

“came up with a few inspirational ideas to choose from. I was expecting a standard full-width, bi-folding door design, but Edwards Rensen Architects suggested a window seat, which I can relax in and feel like I’m in the garden, even when it’s too cold to actually be outside. As soon as I saw the 3D drawing I said yes. I love resting there and spend a lot of time reading on it. The redesigned space now flows seamlessly from front to back, with a perfect area for relaxing and a lovely outdoor courtyard.”  

Challenges of opening up Victorian houses: 

When you open up the ground floor of a Victorian house, if you are not careful you can get really awkward ceiling level changes where stair landings project into the downstairs space. The challenge is to make these into eloquent shapes. In this house we made the lower ceiling into an entrance area with bespoke lighting and hid the other changes in the built-in furniture. We solved similar problems in a comparable way in our Hackney House – Dalston