We designed this colourful modern terrazzo kitchen for friends in Stoke Newington. It was an opportunity to explore different materials. Our friends wanted a special kitchen, tailor made especially for them, not a standard kitchen they could buy from a shop.  

We used a small palette of special materials and strong colours. We love the stripy Plexwood and colourful textured terrazzo by Diespeker. Using terrazzo allowed us to create more interesting shapes, a bit like we did with Hi-Macs at Frank’s Canteen. We built a seat into the worktop, which was upholstered by local Highbury shop Rileys.

The garden was also completely re-designed (with lots more plants, small trees, a place to sit in the sun, subtle lighting and new hard landscaping). It is looking great (we can say that, because we are not the garden designers!).

This is another example of a project that is much smaller than our normal projects, but we took it on gladly because it brought the opportunity to design something unique.

Professional photos of this colourful modern terrazzo kitchen (and garden) in Stoke Newington, Hackney will follow once the garden has had a chance to bed in.