Our clients wanted an ecological refurbishment and extension of their large terraced house near Highbury and Islington. We created a warm and cosy family home using warm, colourful, ecological materials and energy saving technology.  

  1. Recycled glass worktops in kitchen and bathroom, by featured in GrandDesignsmagazine. 
  2. Solar panel integrated into upwards extension. We rebuilt a flat to be pitched at a good angle for solar water heating – and to give height to the low bathroom below. 
  3. Green roof planted with flowering sedums. Within days of this being installed bumble bees were buzzing around it. 
  4. All single glazed windows replaced with double glazing 
  5. Frames for the new windows made from Accoya, which is softwood treated to be as hard as tropical hardwood (without contributing to deforestation). 
  6. Passive solar design – vines are growing up a pergola over the glass extension, to give shade in summer. 
  7. Timber frame construction where possible. 
  8. Insulation under the ground floor. 
  9. Dedicated space to hang laundry to minimise tumble dryer use. 
  10. Rain water harvesting for watering the garden. 
  11. Plastic lawn replaced with a tapestry lawn with several hardy ground covering plants which don’t need mowing. 
  12. An edible garden with lots of fruit and herbs packed into a fairly small urban garden. 
  13. Improved the loft insulation at the same time as improving the storage in the loft. 

We opened up the ground floor to create a light open family space. We created a playful internal window between first floor study and ground floor kitchen, comparable to the internal window in our Cannonbury House – Thor project. This is one of five projects we have done in Calabria Road in N5.  

This ecological refurbishment in Islington was published in:

link to feature in Livingetc

Our client says, 

“we really loved Jo and Adrie’s attention to detail, especially during the construction process. They made sure that the final result was well-designed and exactly what we wanted.”